“All It Takes is 1 Song to bring back a 1,000 Memories”

From creating Mixtapes to Mixing Live, my DJ career started at a young age. Sharing my passion for music with my older brother, our obsession of vinyl from the golden era of 90s Hip-Hop / R&B, set the stage for weekends full of house parties where we were able to share our abilities with close family and friends. The venues quickly progressed to Lounges & Clubs where crowds graced the floor for what seemed like endless nights of ecstatic fun and dancing.  

Today my time is spent performing for weddings & private social events as it gives me the creative freedom to explore multiple genres of music to varied types of crowds. The most important skill for any DJ is the ability to tune into the pulse of the people and play the right song selections at the perfect moments. Watching people singing their hearts out and dancing freely with the people they love, that is what makes this job worth it.

My passion for DJing has brought me an unexpected joy, as at one of my club appearances, I was able to meet a beautiful woman that I am lucky enough to call my wife today. When I’m not mixing it up on the weekends, I spend quality time with my wife and baby daughter, Julia, as we explore local eating spots and travel to new destinations, all thanks to my fulfilling career. I take pride in sharing the joy of music, that has, in turn, brought so much joy into my life.

dj event types

versatile performances

  • receptions
  • birthday parties
  • brand awareness
  • kids parties
  • weddings
  • corporate activations
  • bar mitzvahs
  • debut
  • social events
  • 40th birthdays
  • Quinceañera
  • bridal showers